Brute Power Chess

Two players play with 42-chess pieces each, on a 14x14 square board!

Brute Power Chess board Yeap. I could have come up with a better name, but I ran out of ideas. Names like Mayhem-, Power-, Super-, Large-, Big-... were already taken. But never mind! This game is probably not for brainiacs anyway. It's about attacking your opponent with all you've got, so the name should fit just nicely.

The game

The setup

  • Two players
  • 14 x 14 board (Preferably the center line and the 8x8 center area are marked on the board)
  • 1 King and 1 Queen per player
  • 4 Bishops, Knights and Rooks per player
  • 28 Pawns per player (Yes. Two full rows!)
  • White Queen is placed on the black square and vice verca. This "memory rule" is opposite to the standard chess, to keep the King and Queen positioned as we are used to. The pieces are not placed differently -- the squares under them are!


  • You move 3 pieces on your move. (If you can't, then as many as are possible. Only one move per piece is allowed)
  • Pawns can move 4 or 5 squares from the startup square. (They can move up to the centerline, but not cross it on the first move of that piece. En Passant is applied as in standard Chess)
  • Rocade (hope it's the right term) is possible twice, as you have two Rooks on each side. The second one is allowed if the King has only been moved in the first rocade. The 2nd rocade must happen to the same direction as the first one.
  • King can move two squares as long as it stays off the 8x8 center area. (The second square of the move can not be in the center area either) On the center area King moves as standard.
  • Unless I'm mistaken the rest should work as in standard Chess.

    Gear -- I.E. hardware, software, merchandise

    None available. Just find a friend a build it yourself. :) We may enter a printable board and pieces here later on. We'll need to produce them first.


    A few renders of how it could look. Click here!

    The story of the game

    As a chess player I am a "looser" in the deepest meaning of the word. Still there are aspects to the game that I find inceredibly appealing to me. Once in a while I have been toying around with the idea of a chess game where the pieces would just furoiusly storm over the board at the opponents' throats, without any specific strategies or tactical maneauvers. Somehow I came to think, that it should be turned into a chess-like game rather than just an animated idea. Unfortunately the standard 8x8 board didn't seem to fit the purpose very well...

    It was Sunday, the 4th of November in 2007. I am not sure at all what happened, but that afternoon my mind was on the idea again an somewhere around 8pm. things started to fall into their natural places. Finally by the ready recipe for a perfect chess-game just landed on my lap. The records show, that exactly 23:08 I sent a message to my brother, that I had this great idea, where I needed some assistance in implementation. :D

    As you might guess, the next morning there was a moment doubt (as there should be after a creative night). Fortunately I had told my brother and couldn't just forget it. Now having modelled the game set and seen how it looks like, I'm back on the track! So far (Nov-06-2007 -- two days later) nobody has ever played this game yet, but don't worry -- it's only a matter of time. I have a feeling that this game will encourage you to creative and inventive playing. Give it a go and have fun!


    - Feel free to use and introduce to others, but please don't claim it's your idea. ;)
    - If you come up with an alteration to the rules that you see resonabe, please let me know.
    - Please use for non-commercial purposes only. If you see business possibilities, please discuss them with me first.

    A more legitimate and internationally recognized licencing policy will be informed as soon as we figure it out.

    Released November - 06 - 2007 -- peteihis.
    Updated November - 08 - 2007 -- peteihis.
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